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We’re Hiring a “Site Reliability Engineer ”

Requirements :

  • 1. Have a strong concept related to Switching, Routing, and Security.
  • 2. Have experience managing Cisco, Mikrotik, Fortigate, PFsense, F5, and Palo Alto devices.
  • 3. Have experience managing VMWare and OpenStack Infrastructure
  • 4. Have the willingness to continue to develop in a challenging environment
  • 5. Have the ability to communicate and work across departments
  • 6. Willing to standby on weekends/non-office hours for operations if needed
  • 7. Has Multitasking ability
  • 8. Familiar with AWS and GCP
  • 9. Have more than 3 years of experience
  • 10. Have good leadership, teamwork, commitment, and service excellence
  • 11. Have experience handling Project and Operations
  • 12. Fluent in English (Speaking)
  • 13. Able to communicate both with External and Internal
  • 14. Can work under pressure

Job descriptions :

  • 1. Act as an engineer to deploy, configure, and monitor network equipment, network usage, and system availability.
  • 2. Provide IP Technology support and problem-solving, including network connectivity, routing protocols (BGP, EIGRP), HSRP, VPN, Load balancing, and QoS.
  • 3. Provides support and troubleshooting for layer 2 technologies, including Ethernet (Switched, FastE, GigE), and Spanning Tree. VLAN, VTP, Trucking, and virtual environment.
  • 4. Collect and analyze data about the performance and capacity of networks and their components.

If you qualify as interested, please click Apply Now.

Apply Now

  1. Or send your CV to [email protected] with the subject: Name_ Site Reliability Engineer .
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