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Enhancing your organization’s knowledge

Facilitate quick and efficient access to company knowledge.

Gathering all information within the company, both structured and unstructured, to become accessible knowledge for all employees

Dokumentasi Proses Kerja
Work Process Documentation
Company Policies
Company Policies
Other Internal Company Knowledge
Other Internal Company Knowledge
Tidak adanya proses pengelola pengetahuan perusahaan yang efisien

Apakah Perusahaan Anda menghadapi tantangan ini?

Eliminate worries!
No more lost company knowledge due to employee turnover and poorly documented individual knowledge

Advantages of Elipedia

Knowledge Base

The collected information will be analyzed by AI based on LLM (large language modeling), which can then be accessed by all employees.
Uploaded data is proprietary and remains the property of the customer and will not be shared with other customers
AI can be implemented across multiple channels, such as websites with widgets, applications with webviews, and Telegram, supporting both Indonesian and English languages.
Offering flexibility in the creation and collaboration of knowledge, regardless of the format: such as PDF, doc, xls, csv, images using OCR, and web URLs.

Transform your business with AI-powered Elipedia


Intuitive, Integrated, and Elevating the User Experience to the Next Level

Analyzes user interactions to identify trends and knowledge gaps, enabling centralized improvements and knowledge management.

Enterprise-ready AI-based Knowledge Management Chatbot

Apa itu Generative AI

AI-Powered Collective Knowledge

Preserving the sustainability of the company's information and knowledge with collective knowledge that is easily accessible to everyone in the company using the power of AI.

Enterprise-Ready Infrastructure

Dedicated, secure, and scalable infrastructure designed for Enterprise with demanding knowledge management requirements, ensuring compliance with industry security standards.

Enhanced Security

Robust encryption, access controls, whitelisting/blacklisting capabilities, and secure database transit and storage to protect sensitive information.

Benefits of Elipedia for Companies Enterprise-ready AI-based Knowledge Management Chatbot

Apa itu Generative AI

Collective Knowledge

Maintain the continuity of company information and knowledge with easily accessible collective knowledge for anyone within the company.

Security of Knowledge Data

All information and knowledge are proprietary and will only belong to the user company.

Increased Productivity and Scalability

Assist the company's internal operations in managing and finding any knowledge quickly and wherever it may be.

Stay Ahead with Elipedia
As an AI-Powered Knowledge Management Chatbot Solution


Faster access to company information at a lower cost from various knowledge sources.


Save employee time accessing company information typically obtained from HR.


Provide self-service and consistent experiences across all channels to answer questions from any user, even outside of operational hours.

Why Choose Elitery?

Kantor Elitery

Transforming from individual to collective knowledge - Our AI-driven Knowledge Management System reinforcing digital change and innovation across the organization.

Supercharge Your Company’s Knowledge with Elipedia

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