Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Protect your business digital transformation journey with a comprehensive
cyber security solution in preventing, detecting & recovering from cyber attacks

“We are the MSSP Partner of Crowdstrike in Indonesia, the leader and pioneer in Managed Detection and Response (MDR)”

As the MSSP Partner of Crowdstrike in Indonesia, we provide comprehensive MDR solutions that ensure timely detection, rapid response, and effective threat mitigation. Leveraging our expertise and the powerful capabilities of Crowdstrike’s advanced threat detection and response technology, we are at the forefront of protecting businesses from evolving cyber threats. Experience the advantage of being supported by an industry leader in MDR and rest assured that your organization’s security is in expert hands.

CrowdStrike Managed detection and response (MDR)

Protect Your Business with End-to-End MDR Coverage

Cybersecurity Plan & Strategy

Expert-Led Threat Hunting


Incident Monitoring & Response

Protect Your Organization with End-to-End MDR Coverage

Proactive Management & Optimization


24/7 Expertise To Defend The Cloud

Full-Scale Incident Response Capabilities

Why Choose Us?

Mulai Terapkan Solusi dan Tahapan Keamanan Siber Perusahaan Berikut Ini

Immediate time-to-value

Rapid deployment, expert-driven security, global 24/7 MDR operations for robust protection.

Apa Itu Security Operations Center? Inilah Perannya dalam Cyber Security

Active, hands-on remediation

Our unique remediation approach conducts comprehensive response, including cleanup and restoration, without expensive reimaging or downtime.

Tailored to your environment

In-depth understanding, continuous platform management, agent maintenance, control optimization, at no extra cost.

CrowdStrike’s Breach Prevention Warranty

We have established a comprehensive breach prevention warranty, ensuring confidence in our MDR capabilities. Supported by AIG, a trusted leader in cyber insurance, our warranty covers breach-related costs within a protected environment, without unnecessary bureaucracy.

Enhanced Cybersecurity through CrowdStrike & Elitery Partnership

Elitery partners with CrowdStrike, a global leader in cybersecurity, to provide robust protection for organizations in various Cloud deployments. We offer Managed Detection and Response (MDR), a cybersecurity service that combines advanced technology and expert teams to monitor and respond to cyber threats 24/7.

Elitery’s MDR leverages Cloud-native technology, threat intelligence, and CrowdStrike’s expertise to continuously monitor and detect threats in hybrid Cloud environments.

This collaboration enhances business security, enables swift incident response, and minimizes the impact on operations and data integration. Discover the benefits of the CrowdStrike and Elitery MDR partnership for your business.


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