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Apa itu Redundansi Data? Inilah Manfaatnya pada Infrastruktur Cloud

Harmonizing Cloud Migration and Contemporary Upgrades

With a vast clientele exceeding a million and a worldwide cloud footprint, AWS is adept at assisting businesses, big and small, in transitioning their workloads to the cloud. AWS empowers you to transfer diverse workloads – from applications, websites, and databases to storage and from physical or virtual servers to entire on-premises data centres or other cloud platforms to AWS.

Throughout this migration journey, you can harness the extensive expertise of AWS to enhance your organizational, operational, and technical capacities, accelerating your business advantages.

In collaboration with Elitery, AWS further strengthens its cloud migration services, offering unparalleled solutions to its users.

AWS Cloud Migration Offering

Cloud assessment readiness

Consultation service for customers who need guidance regarding infrastructure migration from on-premises to the cloud

Cloud migration to AWS

Consultation service for customers who need guidance regarding infrastructure migration from on-premises to the cloud

Cloud adoption using AWS

We offer initial implementation of AWS services to customers in order to help them implement AWS infrastructure according to best practices.

Infrastructure optimization with AWS

Optimizing cost and resources in AWS allows for cost efficiency.according to best practices.

Infrastructure modernization with AWS

We offer improvement services to customers aimed at updating infrastructure services in AWS to enhance infrastructure performance.

Disaster recovery solution with AWS

Recover IT Infrastructure  on critical condition from disastery

IT security enablement with AWS

Maximize IT security service to secure client infrastructure

Security operation center with AWS

We are monitoring infrastructure security & analysing infrastructure security to secure client infrastructure 24/7.

IT security analyst with AWS

Provide experienced and certified IT security analyst for threat event and IT security assessment

Multi cloud solution with AWS

Managing multi-cloud infrastructure to meet client requirements

Hybrid cloud solution with AWS

Managing cloud and on-premises infrastructure to meet client requirements.

Cloud managed service with AWS

Managed AWS cloud infrastructure for 24/7

Benefits of AWS Cloud Migration

Enhanced Security

With advanced encryption and authentication, AWS ensures top-notch data protection.

Improved Business Workflows

AWS streamlines operations with automated processes, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Effective Cost Optimization

Only pay for resources used on AWS, reducing overhead and enabling budget flexibility.

Scalability and Flexibility

AWS easily adjusts to demand, scaling resources up or down to match business growth.

Access to Innovation

AWS opens doors to cutting-edge technologies like AI, keeping businesses at the forefront.

Business Continuity

With high availability and disaster recovery, AWS minimizes disruptions and ensures quick recovery from unforeseen events.

Customer Case Studies

Bali's Department of Communication and Informatics Successfully Improves Public Service with Cloud Migration

Elitery has successfully improved the performance and security of the Bali Provincial Government’s systems and applications, impacting over 19,000 employees and the local community, by utilizing AWS Cloud, including services like EC2, S3, and Lambda. This initiative has sped up the government’s digital transformation, resulting in uninterrupted services and reduced costs. Elitery continues to work diligently on enhancing Diskominfos Bali’s cloud setup, ensuring reliable public services and appreciating the collaborative effort with the Diskominfos Bali and AWS teams.

Rumah Siap Kerja Improves Efficiency and Scalability of Their Mobile Application

Elitery provides support and service to RSK throughout the entire AWS services implementation process and ensures RSK can focus on developing websites and mobile applications without worrying about the infrastructure behind it if accessed by many users.

In addition, RSK has the need for rapid deployment to develop their website and mobile application to attract more and more users. Elitery also helps RSK in anticipating high costs arising from the IT Infrastructure needed.

AWS, USAID and Elitery Alliance: Powering Indonesia's Digital Evolution

Under the Global Development Alliance Partnership, AWS, USAID, and Elitery aim to drive digital transformation in Indonesia. Over three years, they’ll prioritize:

1. University Cloud Training: Equip the Indonesian workforce with digital competencies via AWS’s robust learning platform.

2. Cloud Support for Startups & SMEs: Establish a platform for Startups and SME “Digital Heroes”, aiding in innovation, prototyping, and granting access to acceleration initiatives and technology adoption.

Bappeda Tuban Improves Efficiency and Productivity of Data and Information Analysis

Elitery has effectively provided and integrated AWS Cloud infrastructure services, including EC2 Instances, S3, and Lambda, to enhance the Data and Information Analysis of Regional Development Planning application for Bappeda Tuban, supporting up to 100,000 API Gateways per month. This improvement has significantly aided Bappeda Tuban’s employees in their analysis and information dissemination duties related to regional development planning, ensuring the application runs smoothly and data is securely stored. 

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