Traffic Object Monitoring and Analysis System

A smart solution as an answer to the challenges of traditional surveillance systems. The Actionable Intelligence Surveillance System enables surveillance systems, which traditionally function as "monitors," to advance further with the integration of "follow-up" actions.


General Condition of Traffic Surveillance Systems

Compliance with Indonesian Law No. 22 of 2009 on
"Traffic and Road Transport"

“Every road used for public traffic must be equipped with road facilities in the form of road surveillance and observation devices.” – PASAL 25 AYAT 1(F)
“Traffic management and engineering activities include: Identification of traffic problems, inventory, and analysis of traffic flow situations, the needs of people and goods transportation, road and vehicle capacity, traffic violations and accident figures, and traffic impact determination of service levels, and policy planning for the regulation of road network usage and traffic movement.” – PASAL 94 AYAT 1

What you will learn?

  • How cloud infrastructure helps reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint through efficient resource utilization and scaling
  • Insights into best practices for securing cloud-based applications and data
  • Tips for optimizing cloud costs, such as monitoring resource usage and rightsizing instances
  • Examples of organizations leveraging the cloud to implement sustainable practices, improve security, and reduce costs

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All in Solutions

  • Accelerated follow-up actions for improved service delivery;
  • Assists stakeholders in making effective, efficient, and accurate decisions;
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements, all of which can be met with SiPANON.


CCTV Monitoring

Equipped with monitoring functions to ensure the CCTV is operating properly.

CCTV Data Collection

Conducting online identification and investigation of traffic issues swiftly.

CCTV Data Analysis

Using Edge Processing technology and AI Machine Learning to expedite precise and accurate analysis of traffic situations.

Integrated Follow-Up Actions

Integrated with follow-up features to facilitate local action and forward notifications when incidents are detected.

CCTV Data Storage

Stored in the cloud, making it easy to archive and more cost-effective.

How Does SiPANON Work?

Step 1

CCTV as input, capturing incidents of counterflow and illegal stopping.

Step 2

Incident Captures processed with Edge Technology on ELIBOX

Step 3

Notifications and Alerts on the dashboard

Step 4

Action Button for follow-up steps

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