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From cloud management services to comprehensive solutions for your network management, Elitery works together with several amazing partners to help you grow your business.

Juggling between managing IT infrastructures and growing your business can be challenging. Partnered with certified cloud service providers, our reliable Managed Service will allow you to work more productively and efficiently.

Our Partner

AWS, Azure, Docker and Google Cloud are some of the most respected cloud service providers in the industry. we have worked together with them to provide diverse managed services to help manage your cloud and network infrastructures. supported by the world’s leading technology, we are able to improve your business it.

Perusahaan ini adalah anak perusahaan yang menyediakan platform komputasi Cloud sesuai permintaan yang membantu Anda membangun aplikasi canggih dengan peningkatan skalabilitas dan fleksibilitas.

Berjalan di infrastruktur yang sama yang digunakan oleh Google secara internal untuk produk-produk pengguna akhirnya, Google Cloud memungkinkan Anda untuk membangun, berinovasi, dan memperluas platform cloud.

Menggunakan jaringan global pusat data yang dikelola oleh Microsoft, Azure menyediakan platform komputasi cloud yang terbuka dan fleksibel.

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