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Comprehensive disaster recovery assistance for your business. Our experts are standing by to help you begin the recovery process and restore your daily operations.

Comply with government regulations and the Financial Services Authority (OJK) regarding Disaster Recovery.

The importance of maintaining data security is reflected in government regulations and the Financial Services Authority (OJK) rules that require every institution and company to have a system for fast and secure data backup and recovery in the event of a disaster or system failure.

Perpres No 95 Tahun 2018 ayat 1 dan 4

regarding Electronic Based Government Systems (SPBE)

Perpres No 132 Tahun 2022 tentang Arsitek SPBE Nasional dan SNI ISO 37122:2019

Regarding the assessment of the maturity level of smart cities

POJK Nomor 4/POJK.05/2021

Implementation of Risk Management in the Use of Information Technology by Non-Bank Financial Services Institutions

With downtime and cybercrime posing significant risks, maintaining uninterrupted business operations is crucial.

With the ever-present threat of natural disasters, cyber attacks, human errors, and system failures, businesses face significant challenges in maintaining continuous operations. To overcome these obstacles, it’s crucial for companies to develop recovery and mitigation solutions


Our expertise supports customers accros the next-generation of technologies and platfroms.


Elicovery ensures that your business meets regulatory compliance requirements without disrupting core operations.

Experienced & Expert IT Team

Supported by a certified and experienced workforce proficient in handling over 2000 DR drills and even actual DR scenarios.


Significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to traditional disaster recovery solutions.

Enterprise-Level Security

The ELICOVERY solution operates in accordance with ISO 27001, featuring AES 256-bit encryption and data-at-rest security.

Multiple Source Support

Accommodates infrastructure and workloads from any source, including critical databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and other enterprise applications.

Fast Implementation Time

The implementation of Elicovery is very swift, and the service cost already includes operations.

How Our Disaster Recovery Service Works

Elitery provides infrastructure that serves as the customer’s disaster recovery site when a disaster happens. The service offered by the provider typically includes a software application or hardware appliance that can replicate data and virtual machines to a private or public

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