Creating Smart Cities in the Digital Age

Creating a Smart City Ecosystem 4.0 in Indonesia Through SiPANDU (Integrated Report Information System)

To create a smart city that can help the people by managing existing resources efficiently and providing appropriate information to the community/institutions to carry out their activities or anticipate unexpected events beforehand.
SiPANDU can help institutions or service providers provide fast, precise and measurable information. 

SiPANDU’s features:

  • Menu-driven Whatsapp Channel
  • User-Friendly Ticketing System
  • Interactive Dashboard 

Our Products

Smart City Solutions

We provide Cloud-based Smart City services supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our trusted partner in managing Smart City services.

Smart City IT Infrastructure

We focus on providing world-class IT infrastructure and Managed Services to help cities realize a sustainable future. 

Managed Cloud Services

We are the leader and trusted in managing the entire Cloud journey, applications, security, data and infrastructure in the public sector.

SiPANON Solution

View, control and evaluate monitoring systems in real time and accurately with AI & Machine Learning technology.

Elicovery Solutions

Protect and manage all your agency’s data assets to create a smart city that is protected from disasters.

Service Offering Elitery with AWS

Cloud assessment readiness

Consultation service for customers who need guidance regarding infrastructure migration from on-premises to the cloud

Cloud migration to AWS

Consultation service for customers who need guidance regarding infrastructure migration from on-premises to the cloud

Cloud adoption using AWS

We offer initial implementation of AWS services to customers in order to help them implement AWS infrastructure according to best practices.

Infrastructure optimization with AWS

Optimizing cost and resources in AWS allows for cost efficiency.according to best practices.

Infrastructure modernization with AWS

We offer improvement services to customers aimed at updating infrastructure services in AWS to enhance infrastructure performance.

Disaster recovery solution with AWS

Recover IT Infrastructure  on critical condition from disastery

IT security enablement with AWS

Maximize IT security service to secure client infrastructure

Security operation center with AWS

We are monitoring infrastructure security & analysing infrastructure security to secure client infrastructure 24/7.

IT security analyst with AWS

Provide experienced and certified IT security analyst for threat event and IT security assessment

Multi cloud solution with AWS

Managing multi-cloud infrastructure to meet client requirements

Hybrid cloud solution with AWS

Managing cloud and on-premises infrastructure to meet client requirements.

Cloud managed service with AWS

Managed AWS cloud infrastructure for 24/7


Digital Transformation

Drive innovation, growth, and sustainability by adopting a trusted cloud platform designed to deliver digital transformation.

Improve Operational Agility

Integrate the system easily with your agency’s data to improve public services.

Real Time Monitoring

Our AI-driven solutions give you the agility to respond to changing conditions in real-time for greater safety, profitability and sustainability.

Customers Case Study

Central Java Provincial Government uses SiPANDU to prevent the massive spread of the pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the government was forced to take quick action to prevent a massive spread. The Central Java Provincial Government is concerned about the situation. They realized that they needed a ready-to-use system to gather all data about the public’s health conditions so the government could escalate the action needed, rapidly, and specifically. Also, the system needs to be user friendly for both sides, government and public


West Java provincial government uses SiPANDU to facilitate information about COVID-19

The West Java government, as part of their Smart City program, partnered with Elitery to offer COVID-19 info through the SiPANDU WhatsApp Chat Bot. This allows locals to ask COVID-19 questions easily. The system uses Amazon’s RDS for data storage and QuickSight for tracking and displaying reports.

Diskominfo Bali Cloud-Based Public Service

Diskominfo of Bali partnered with Elitery to move their systems for 19,000+ employees to the AWS Cloud, saving money and improving reliability. This transition reduced app development costs by almost 69%. They use Amazon tools for app availability and quick identity checks at workplaces.


West Java Transportation Service uses SiPANON as a CCTV Analytic solution

They require a service that is able to analyze statistical data on license plates and vehicle types and is equipped with a dashboard to detect traffic violations such as going against the flow, indiscriminate parking, damaged roads and the volume of vehicles that increase excessively. The West Java Transportation Service collaborates with Elitery to implement an integrated and real-time SiPANON (Traffic Object Monitoring and Analysis System) to create a ‘West Java Safe Corridor’. 

The Indonesia Ministry of Health collaborates with Elitery to provide an integrated and easily accessible reporting solution

Elitery assists the Ministry of Health, especially the DTO (Digital Transformation Office) in providing tools or platforms to provide information and providing a helpdesk for mapping problems related to the NAR and Care Protect systems that are easily accessible by all health facility services in Indonesia using the WhatsApp Chatbot FAQ solution that was built using services on AWS. Elitery implemented AWS Bucket S3  as object storage so it can be scaled automatically when needed and private key of ssl/tls certificate managed by AWS Certificate Manager. It is distributed automatically to certain services integrated within AWS like ALB, API Gateway, etc. 


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