Sistem Pemantauan Video dan Manajemen Data Terpadu untuk Keamanan yang Lebih Baik

This solution enhances the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for addressing customer complaints and simplifies the process for the ATM Operation team to oversee CCTV functionality using AI and Machine Learning technology.

Enhance your video monitoring & data management with AI Solutions

Our AI solutions are the latest in technology to easily monitor, analyze and manage your data and video monitoring using an integrated dashboard.

Enables intelligent, effective, and sustainable operations based on AI

Do you often have difficulty monitoring all CCTV points in your business? Such as dead CCTV, data cannot be accessed and must be checked manually. Of course, this will complicate your CCTV video surveillance if a problem occurs in the business workspace, which can harm the business.

Video monitoring and data management solutions are here to help with all your issues with the support of the latest technology based on AI Machine Learning. Our technology enables effective monitoring of all CCTV videos functioning correctly in real-time in one integrated dashboard, making it easier for you to retrieve, manage and analyze your business CCTV data. Furthermore, retrieval of CCTV data becomes more accessible because it uses cloud-based storage.

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What you will learn?

  • How cloud infrastructure helps reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint through efficient resource utilization and scaling
  • Insights into best practices for securing cloud-based applications and data
  • Tips for optimizing cloud costs, such as monitoring resource usage and rightsizing instances
  • Examples of organizations leveraging the cloud to implement sustainable practices, improve security, and reduce costs

Integrate your ATM Banking CCTV monitoring in 1 comprehensive dashboard

Start integrating easily with our expert team


Real-Time Monitoring and Maintenance

Supported by AI & Machine Learning

Security and Reliability

Innovative and Integrated Dashboard

Easy Installation


Compatible with All Cameras

Benefits of Video Monitoring System & Data Management Services

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Analyze Your ATM CCTV with One Integrated Dashboard

Assists you in managing video surveillance cameras with enhanced AI & Machine Learning technology.

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