Managed Detection
and Response (MDR) Services

You have your perimeter secured, but are you sure that nothing passes through your defenses How do you ensure
that no bad actors are in your environment? And how would you respond to an incident?

You can rely on our MDR (Managed Detection and Response) service, to help detect and disrupt hidden advanced attacks. Our MDR service is a combination of advanced tools coupled with our expertise in cybersecurity.

Our goal is simple:

Stop breaches.

Together with Crowdstrike, the market leader in cybersecurity, we actively hunt for advanced threats that may pass through your perimeter defenses and if a breach is found, we respond swiftly to minimize its impact to your organization.

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Our security services

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Managed Threat Hunting

We have been trusted by Crowdstrike as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) partner to deliver MDR service in Indonesia. Together, we continuously monitor, analyze, and detect potential threats and vulnerabilities within your organization’s network and systems.We utilize advanced threat intelligence, analytics tools, and methodologies to actively hunt for threats and respond to them swiftly. 

Why Elitery

Detect and disrupt hidden advanced attacks

Hunts relentlessly to intercept the stealthiest and most sophisticated attacks: the 1% of the 1% of threats that go undetected.

Hunting advanced threats at speed and scale

Our team of security experts master advanced threat hunting with unparalleled speed and scale, leveraging cutting-edge techniques and technologies.


24/7 human vigilance

Deploy an elite team of threat hunters — without the significant time, resources and tooling needed to staff, train and scale a global, 24/7 threat hunting operation.

Incident Response

Elitery’s team of security experts will help your organization detect, respond to, and recover from security incidents. We ensure that your organization has a dedicated team of experts ready to respond swiftly and effectively to security incidents, reducing the impact of breaches, minimizing downtime, and preserving crucial digital assets.

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Why Elitery

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Tailored approach

Elitery partners with you to develop a plan that takes into consideration your operational needs, as well as existing investments and resources, ensuring a thorough investigation and a customized remediation action plan.


Speed and efficacy

Elitery experts’ skills and experience, combined with proven methodology and technology, allow the team to respond and contain incidents faster and more efficiently. The result: fewer hours incurred, less business interruption and lower costs to you.


Intelligence-led investigation

The IR team is supported throughout the response by the CrowdStrike Intelligence team. As a pioneer in adversary analysis, it helps identify adversaries present in the environment, enabling the IR team to quickly and efficiently contain the incident.


Next Step

If you feel like your company’s digital assets could be at risk or would like more information on how Elitery can help with your current Cybersecurity defense measures, please get in touch with us today.

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