April 19, 2018



Elitery Network Management Solutions for Outlets
Our Network Management Solution for outlets provides monitoring and management expertise to keep your network running at its best. It also can minimize network downtime, increase applications Performance, and meet new networking requirements.

A growing business with multiple outlets often encounters problems such as queue length and length of service to customers. One of the main causal factors of the problem is due to the slower network connections that cause employees to be less agile. This problem if allowed to last longer can lead employees frustration and give impact on customers.

Based on these problems, Elitery presents network management solutions for businesses with many outlets such as for culinary businesses or restaurants and cafes, grocery stores and retail stores such as mini markets, convenient stores, clothing stores, and so on.

5 Important Differences Before and After Using EliOns

Before Using EliOns

  • The application is running slow because the network connection is not supported.
  • Customer service is slower over time.
  • The waiting time at the checkout further frustrates the customer.
  • The regulation of merchandise inventory (retail stores) or raw materials (culinary business) often does not meet the needs of each outlet.
  • It takes a long time to display new menus.

After Using EliOns

  • Applications can run more smoothly than ever.
  • Customer service is accelerating.
  • The waiting time at the checkout is getting shorter.
  • The arrangement of merchandise inventory (retail store) or raw materials (culinary business) can be more in line with the needs in each outlet.
  • Faster displaying new menus.

Our experts and certified engineers (CCNA, CCNP) will ensure that all data transferred within the networks run as per SLA target.

Elitery Network Management Solution for Outlets - Elions

Benefits of Using EliOns

Reduce Queue Time at Cashier (Point of Sales)

Speed up Services

Improve Employee Performance


Ensuring Inter-Divisional Cooperation

Streamlining Apps

Accelerate Data Analysis

Employees More Focus On Business Priorities

Saves Time and Cost

Improve Business and Customers Data Security

EliOns Features

  • Multi Operator
  • Backup Link
  • Live in 7 days
  • Monitor Link Availability
  • Monitor Link Performance
  • Monitor Link Utilization
  • Replace CPE if broken
  • CPE Device Management
  • CPE Security Management
  • SLA 99.5%


Our Company

  • Tier III Uptime Institute
  • ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System
  • ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security Management System
  • PCI Compliance by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard V.3.2
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Docker Authorized Partner, Amazon Web Service Partner and VMware Partner

Our Team

  • CISCO Certified
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Accredited Tier Specialist
  • Certified DC Facilities Operation Manager
  • Acronis Certified Engineer
  • AWS Certified
  • VMware Certified

Client Testimonials

We have been having Elitery as our IT Provider since 2014. We find them to be exceptional in their abilities to solve and resolve our IT concerns. Elitery has take our IT from a complicated and not so efficient system to one that functions easily and efficiently. They can always accommodate our smallest need quickly and courteously.

I highly recommend Elitery managed services solutions for your IT requirements.

With Elitery Managed Services, our national network is now managed smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, Elitery is able to support the integration by establishing real-time update of our point of sales, online food delivery ordering system, ensuring our process is successfully end-to-end.

We successfully increase the company’s revenue and increase the opening of new outlets to 25% within one year since using Elitery’s services. Hendri Wijaya

IT Manager, PT Griya Miesejati (Bakmi GM)

Elitery is our IT infrastructure and operations provider.

By providing reliable IT infrastructure, professional IT operations and service desk.

We can focus on our main business application without worrying about managing IT operations  personnel such as; IT networking or end-user helpdesk for recruitment, replacement and our training / development program.

They manage our network, data operations in server including data storage for Head office and our project sites .

Elitery experienced team is also assisting migration process of our core system very effectively, efficiently and smoothly without any impact on our business process. Asril Basry

IT Superintendent, Petrogas Basin Limited

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