April 5, 2016

Design Consultancy

data center design consultancy

During the design phase, our team following the Uptime Institute and TIA 946 standards as guiding principles. This design was well-proven, while our facility in Bogor was able to achieve 100% uptime since starting operation in January 2012. Elitery is providing data center design consultancy for government in Indonesia and global enterprise.

Data Center Design Consultancy

Our team will provide end-to-end consulting throughout the data center program. We will also oversee every element of the data center lifecycle including design, construction and project management, as well as to manage or partnering with general contractors during this phase. In other words, our team provides more than just IT direction, but will also address the key areas of power and cooling.

Companies power consumption frequently changing, and the consultant should be fully-aware of how a power scheme can be shifted in order to make every options available. We also provide advice on advanced cooling and in-row cooling options, because these will impact the data center’s architecture and layout.

This service conduct of mapping all elements of the data center life cycle including design, construction and project management as well as be able to manage with general contractors for the building element and building system management for best performance data center from internal layout and equipment, electrical installation and safety measurements. Our design criteria are based upon international standards (TIA 942), scalability and energy efficiency.

Furthermore, our data center design ensures that each task is completed in the most practical and efficient order, to keep your business thriving. Elitery has designed a modular data center for Bank of Indonesia to achieve reliable and best performance before building its data center.

Elitery has proved itself as a leading data center design consultant both in Indonesia and several countries, either in governmental sectors and private sectors. Feel free to contact us for further information.