April 5, 2016

Certification Consultancy

data center certification consultancy

Our data center certification consultancy is focusing to help you on preparing all criteria to meet data center tier 1,2,3,4 standard requirements. We can give recommendation of actions and best practices in order to improve your Data Centers with detailed action plan.

Data Center Certification Consultancy

With our proven experienced expertise, this service helping you :

  • To detect and propose proactive actions to minimize the risk factors that can affect DC performance or cause a system breakdown
  • To check of Data Center conditions by applying International Standards (TIA 942, ISO 17799, etc.)
  • Continuous improvement of the Data Center infrastructure
  • Improving Data Center reliability with Pro-active prevention of possible problems and risk
  • Improving your data center accessibility and reliability to ensure your day-to-day continuous operation and the data center life cycle, your on-site data center data collection, data analysis
  • Report generation with detected problems and improvement measures
  • Action plan with recommendations on how to improve data center up-time as one of our data center consulting service output.

In the era of today’s digital economy, downtime is a huge risk factor. Elitery understand the risks of facing huge costs when the downtime occurs. Sometimes a lawsuits is a result of downtime, that is why downtime is not an option!

Elitery present to help companies and government agencies to reduce the risk of downtime to the maximum level, almost with zero downtime.

See our latest successful client for data center certification achievement from uptime institute.

For further information and presentation of our data center certification consulting services, Feel free to contact us.