Data Center Co-Location Services

Elitery provides a data center co-location services. Our colocation center located in a safe haven location in Indonesia with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our data center colocation services offer scalability, continuity and security for your applications, data and systems. With robust digital ecosystems, our colocation center is ideal for cloud infrastructure, mobility, content, governmental and financial institutions. We can accommodate your colocation server needs in Indonesia at our Tier III data center, certified by uptime institute.

Accessibility and Flexibility

colocation server in Indonesia

Our Indonesia colocation data center provides multiple telecom provider connection as a network-neutral data center with high-secure accessibility in Indonesia. Elitery provides low latency, global reach for your data and applications.

Elitery data center designed with flexibility demand that will fit the exact present requirements and future requirement as your company grow. We can provide your colocation server needs in Indonesia. The right choice for your hybrid cloud data center infrastructure.

Benefit of using Elitery Data Center and Colocation Server

  • You company remove the need to build a new data center. This can make your CapEx to OpEx with significant efficiency by using our data center service for colocation server.
  • We can help you configure and support your high-power density deployments with proven blend expertise.
  • Elitery data center provide infrastructure redundancy and high availability. Elitery data center operates with Tier IV day to day operation (99.99% uptime), officially certified with Tier III by Uptime Institute.
  • Our data center location is in strategic area in Indonesia and specially build for disaster recovery center site.
  • Over all and most important value is giving you the freedom to focus on your business. It is our main goal in serving data center co-location services

We put our self as a trusted and reliable IT infrastructure partner. Colocate your server in Indonesia with Elitery for your maximum solutions and security in a safe place. Elitery data center also ideal for your disaster recovery center site, let’s get higher efficiency with us.

For further information feel free to contact us.{:}{:id}Elitery menyediakan layanan colocation server pada fasilitas data center yang berada pada lokasi paling aman di Indonesia. Fasilitas data center Elitery memiliki infrastruktur state-of-the-art yang dapat diandalkan untuk misi kritis perusahaan. Jasa colocation ini menawarkan skalabilitas, kontinuitas dan keamanan untuk aplikasi, data dan sistem. Dengan ekosistem digital yang kuat, fasilitas colocation server Elitery sangat ideal untuk infrastruktur cloud, mobilitas, konten, perusahaan, pemerintahan dan lembaga-lembaga keuangan.


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