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We provide a data center for disaster recovery site as your temporary office for emergency cases to ensure business continuity. Our data center facility located in a very secured environment at Bogor, 42 km from Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia.

This service range come from colocation service. Supported by telecommunication room, meet me room, and data center area. Our facility able to backup all important data from off-shore in a real time, whenever it need to be restored we can move the data as quick as possible to support your business.

Disaster Recovery Site in a Safe Haven Area

Disaster may cause downtime and it will impact higher cost when it comes. Average downtime cost is ranging from US$ 74,000 for middle sized companies to US$ 800,000 for enterprises. Elitery data center facility in Indonesia comes with nearly zero down time. It is the main reason why you can trust Elitery to reduce your potential downtime cost.

Elitery Indonesia Disaster Recovery Center Site

We offer complete packages in providing total business continuity and compliance.

You can have Elitery Disaster Recovery Site as an alternative work-space adapted to your exact needs. While ideal as backup for critical business operation, you can relieve stress in mitigating disaster.

Our data center building is specially designed to handle day-to-day mission critical operations.

See our data center building specifications. You can entrust the preparation and disaster recovery processes for your company with the fastest time together with Elitery.

Elitery data center already certified by Uptime Institute as Tier III Data Center and ISO 27001. Our DRC site center is ready to backup your primary data center in a real time.

At the present, Elitery disaster recovery center is trusted by several financial institutions and worldwide enterprises.

If you need an immediate offshore recovery site to meet your BCP compliance at the best location in Indonesia, South East Asia, feel free to contact us or simply by filling from below.{:}{:id}Elitery merupakan mitra konsultan mitigasi bencana perusahaan anda yang juga menyediakan lokasi pusat pemulihan bencana. Sehingga dapat anda gunakan sebagai kantor sementara saat terjadi kejadian darurat untuk menjamin kelangsungan bisnis anda. Berlokasi di sebuah lingkungan data center yang aman di Bogor, 42 km dari DKI Jakarta, Indonesia.

Layanan yang kami berikan mulai dari colocation server yang didukung dengan ruangan telekomunikasi, meet me room, dan ruang data center. Fasilitas kami dapat melakukan backup semua data penting dari lokasi kantor pusat anda dimanapun berada – secara real time, dan saat diperlukan untuk memuat ulang data maka kami dapat memindahkan data secepat mungkin untuk mendukung bisnis anda.


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