Business Operational Agility is Become More Important

In daily basis, business landscape is keep growing and shifting. All businesses must be able to move quickly to keep up with these rapid changes. This is one of the main reasons why business operation agility is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital age. Many incumbent companies are getting hit back by digital startup companies that occur in almost all industrial sectors. Startup companies are very fast in issuing new features and services that can make them more preferred by customers. Then, a new paradigm emerged that “all companies must turn to be a digital companies” if they want to stay afloat.

So, how digital startup can so quickly bring up new services and take huge market shares ?.

Of course the question comes to mind, especially for business owners and their C-Level already find the key is speed and agility to be able to adapt with market changes. Later, corporate leaders began adapting as their growing belief in the importance of business digitization. However, many obstacles are faced in the process of digital transformation and ultimately increasingly understand that digital transformation needs to be preceded by selective IT infrastructure transformation.

IT Infrastructure Transformation to Enhance Business Operational Smoothness

We quite often to remind corporate leaders to initiate their digital transformation process by reassessing their IT infrastructure. IT infrastructure transformation aims to improve business operation smoothness. It’s because, IT infrastructure transformation should be done exactly as needed and in accordance with the company’s budget. This needs to be done carefully, because, this is an entry point to be able to move swiftly in the face of rapid changes. In transforming IT infrastructure to improve your business operation smoothness, company leaders should take focus on:

If main objective in transforming the IT infrastructure clear, it will be easier to determine the strategy and budget. Conversely, without a clear goals, what business value will be achieved, companies can get stuck at the imbalance between budget and needs. This has often happened in many businesses around the world, and is a major factor that hinders them in achieving digital transformation effectiveness.

Once clear and agreeable to the feasibility of digital transformation plan, then we can determine what strategy will be achieved. This can be related to the best technology, vendor locked-in or not, flexibility and efficiency.

Many companies use cloud services, but remain stagnant in the process of digital transformation. Efficiency they might accomplish but the speed in innovating is not. Orchestration and automation play an important role in this regard, and must use the DevOps framework by combining multiple platform frameworks as needed.

Flexibility is an important factor to achieve agility in business operations in the digital age. Startup companies are very independent in using IT outsourcing services because they understand, the experts needed in this field is still quite rare and expensive. By partnering with managed services companies, they can gain expert access at a more cost-effective cost.

To improve business operation smoothness, sometimes the company will collide with high cost of ownership. Therefore, the IT infrastructure transformation must be carefully considered, whether to use co-location or cloud, whether to recruit skilled employees or use managed services. The right tactics will bring your digital transformation process in line with your business goals.

In practice, each business is unique. Company’s leader must be able to determine that 3 main focus above to be able to maintain the smooth running of business operations before to be able to move quickly following the flow of change in the digital era today.

Elitery As Your Business Partner

Elitery can be relied upon to formulate the right strategy, tactics and implementation to safeguard your business operational. Elitery is supported by experienced experts in managing local company;s IT infrastructure in Indonesia and in several countries.

Elitery also has an international data center infrastructure, which can be utilized by your company to save massive IT infrastructure transformation budget.

We would love to sit with you to find the right and budget-friendly solution to keep your business operational smooth.

Let’s increase your business operational speed with Elitery.

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