Improving Customer Satisfaction With Digital Transformation

In improving customer satisfaction, business requires operational fluency that can be maintained at all times. After that, business can devise a strategy to shorten processing time. This is indispensable to modern business.

Digital transformation is increasingly becoming the C-Levels top-of-mind in Indonesian companies. From infrastrutcure transformation to digital marketing, they have already planned, some have done. However, from this current digital transformation, we must not forget the ultimate goal, improving customer satisfaction.

How Digital Transformation Can Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Then, the question arises like “How can information technology improve customer satisfaction?”. Technically, digital transformation has the goal to accelerate, facilitate the customers, simplifying business processes. Thus, the capability in making transactions will increase.

We can imagine, if a business operates for 10 hours and requires a 10 minute transaction per person, then per day can only serve 600 transactions. Of course, the calculation is beyond the assumption of the possibility of operational downtime which is actually very common in retail stores and restaurants.

With the downtime, of course it can provide a negative experience to customers. This is where the importance of retail stores and restaurants to make digital transformation, to maintain customer satisfaction.

Then, we can imagine, if we successful to shorten the transaction processing time to 5 minutes, then of course there will be increased efficiency and business growth of about 50%. And again, at this point, we can understand the importance of digital transformation.

Today business competitiveness will revolve around speed. Speed requires smoothness of all elements involved in a business process.

Digital Transformation Requires Uninteruptable Operational

As We all knew, Digital transformation is not just making mobile apps for online ordering. You can create an app to facilitate customers, but it’s only just until the acceptance of the order. Transaction speed will be more secure if the business process inside is also smooth, and this should be supported by uintertupable data communication.

We can take an example, let says a fast food restaurant. With mobile applications or web applications, they can make their customer easier to place food orders. Some companies set maximum time until the food received in average order in 30 minutes. What happens if there are other companies doing the same thing and offering food readiness and delivery within 25 minutes?

By offering a shorter time in basic needs fulfillment will be more likely to be selected by consumers. Besides, there should be no mistake between food ordered and received.

Of course, to be able to compete within 30 minutes though, your business needs certain operational smoothness. If there is a bigger network latency, of course all related business processes will experience a delay. Delay will cause business processes disrupted, and potentially make consumers disappointed. Therefore, operational fluency is necessary to maintain customer satisfaction.

Business must monitor for daily network and application slowdowns. It can drain your IT staff time. In this case, Elitery through EliOns products can free your employees from routine matters, so your IT staff can be more productive in contributing to your business’s main objectives.

Elitery is able to efficiently monitor all the networks needed in your business process and provide solutions to prevent network slowdown and downtime. Your business can fully operate without having to worry about downtime or network slowdown. You can be free from big investments and can be more focused in terms of increasing business capacity.

Prevent Downtime Operational To Maintain Customer Satisfaction

Operational downtime can occur from many factors. Especially and the most common is due to an error from one of your IT infrastructure element. Like network connection problems, damaged hard disk server that needs to be replaced, that kind of thing will takes a long time to recover.

While you restore the information technology infrastructure component, all business processes are forced to be done manually.

This means you have to go back to the paper era. The cashier received the order, and send order to the kitchen, after completion then deliver to the serving section, then waiter deliver the paper back to cashier. It will take longer to serve the customer, and that means customer satisfaction will decrease and may hurt your business reputation if the operational recovery takes a long time.

Elitery presents a system and data backup solution called EliVault. This solution can keep your business operations running despite problems in your information technology infrastructure. So, you do not have to sacrifice customer satisfaction or sacrifice business reputation.

Downtime can happen because of many things, such as increasing cyber attacks. Elitery has a backup system that can recognize malware behavior patterns to keep your business data and systems backed up at its best.

In addition, Elitery Data Center has been certified as Tier III Data Center by Uptime Institute, and ISO 27001 for security management, Elitery has also obtained certification from PCI DSS for financial transactions. You can secure data on consumer transactions using credit and debit cards in Elitery Data Center.

Especially after GDPR applied, although operating in Indonesia, but if there are travelers from Europe who transact at one of your Restaurants or Retail Stores, and your data is breached, it is possible that your company could be subject to a very large fine imposed by the GDPR board in European Union.

Therefore, mitigate downtime and keep your customer data secure. We can help your IT team to select active and passive data that needs to be incorporated into encrypted storage. With this approach, in addition to safeguard your business from data breach, it is also safe from the risks of fines, and more efficient to treat your business transaction data.

Elitery team can help you to design and implement the most appropriate and efficient solution for your business operation continuity.

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