Video Monitoring System To Improve Bank’s ATM Security

Video Monitoring System To Improve Bank's ATM Security

Monitoring CCTV Banking online with tens of thousands of ATMs scattered in several locations is very difficult to do. In fact, centralized CCTV monitoring systems are indispensable for improving the physical security of banks.

As with some recent ATM violations with the ‘Skimming’ technique, banks can respond more quickly to response an event and minimize clients victims number.

With tens of thousands of CCTV cameras scattered and come from various vendors and versions, centralizing CCTV for monitoring was an impossible thing to do. However, it is necessary to improve customer service and improve ATM banking security.

Typically, CCTV on an ATM is stand alone. This means that if there is a need to see what happens at the ATM, the company must send people to retrieve CCTV recordings.

Centralized Video Monitoring System

Banking requires a centralized CCTV monitoring system to be able to see all events at an ATM quickly, even in live streaming. With centralized CCTV monitoring system, banks can quickly download CCTV recordings at any ATM if needed.

Combining CCTV from various vendors and versions is a challenge in shaping this centralized monitoring system. Layered security should also be owned by CCTV monitoring systems for banking, to mitigate growing cyber threat. In addition, a private network for CCTV Online monitoring system is essential.

This CCTV monitoring system can reside in every bank’s head office in each region. The security person can physically see all ATMs directly. Thus, if there is suspicious activity in ATMs such as “Skimming”, then the security can more quickly respond to it.

Benefits of Online Video Monitoring System for Banking

The benefits of this centralized CCTV monitoring system are quite numerous. For example, the bank receives a report that its customers lost a phone at an ATM, so the bank can quickly identify who took the phone.

Another example, if there is a customer who took money at the ATM and then reported that the money issued by the ATM does not match the amount even though the machine system states otherwise. Banking can see if the customer is counting his money at the ATM or not.

Here are some benefits of centralized CCTV monitoring system for banking:

  • Managing thousands various types CCTV and brands through one dashboard.
  • Monitoring condition of all CCTV in real-time.
  • Viewing streaming CCTV or on-demand.
  • Save time and expense in CCTV recording collection.
  • Simplify and speed up in backing up CCTV recordings from each DVR.
  • Allows the adoption of standard operational procedures related to service and security as well as compliance such as ISO 27001.
  • Improve ATM physical security with real-time monitoring.

In a short-term business perspective, CSM is a cost to the banking sector, or not giving financial gain. However, CSM is needed to maintain service and business reputation. Without CSM, banking will always experience difficulties in applying SOP.

In addition, when compared with having to put every employee to guard the ATM, with a centralized CCTV monitoring system, every security can keep tens of ATM machines.

Centralized CCTV monitoring system is a must for bank which serious in improving customer service.

EliVision as a CCTV Centralized Monitoring System  Solution

Elitery Managed IT Services team has successfully implemented a Centralized CCTV system. EliVision products have been successfully implemented in one of national banking in Indonesia. EliVision can consolidate various CCTV types and brands for centralized and real time monitoring.

With EliVision, Your bank may able to monitor all the ATMs spreaded and no longer need to send people to retrieve CCTV records for both compliance and for legal proof.

Banking institutions can now more quickly respond to events even before reports or violations occur.

Feel free to contact Elitery team to get more information about Elivision products.

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