April 5, 2018

Elitery Data and System Recovery – EliVault


Elitery Data And System Recovery
EliVault is a secure, simple and cost effective data and system recovery solution that provides end to end disaster recovery solution. Providing well proven backup and recovery technology to connectivity that is supported by certified and experienced engineers to help managed disaster recovery process. By implementing EliVault, your company will be able to run business operation when disaster occurs.

Nowadays more and more companies are doing digital transformation to support its business operation. IT infrastructure supported by disaster recovery system; solid, secure and reliable are increasingly important to ensure business continuity.

Downtime and increasing cyber attacks are things that should be avoided by any business. Once exposed to cyber attacks or experiencing downtime, companies have to spend a very expensive cost and may hurt your business reputation.

EliVault As a Downtime Mitigation Solution

Elitery presents dependable downtime mitigation solutions to strengthen your technology infrastructure security and business continuity.


Backup from a physical machine or virtual machine be it Windows or Linux using Cloud Backup.

It will then be restored into VMWare to run as a substitute for the backup engine in case of disruption or disaster related problems such as fire, flood, electrical short circuit or even terrorist attack on the internal data center.

With this approach, all corporate data center activities can be temporarily transferred to our EliVault location, so that all of business operation can keep running with seamless problem.


Benefit of Implementing EliVault


  • All disaster recovery process will be fully managed by Elitery‚Äôs experienced and certified team.
  • Integrated ticketing management system will be provided to ensure SLA’s target.


  • Backup data solution using encryption AES-256.
  • Data backup protected by password.
  • Data backup can access only by account owner.

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