June 15, 2017

Bakmi GM

Bakmi GM

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About Bakmi GM

PT. GRIYA MIESEJATI are the mother company of BAKMI GM. Back in 1959, Bakmi GM was originally named as BAKMI GAJAH MADA which is the infamous icon of noodle restaurant in Jakarta city.

Nowadays, Bakmi GM has a lot of outlets which are located around Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi.

Bakmi GM Challenges

Bakmi GM needs revamp its IT infrastructure. They need to connect their outlets to HQ. Establish real-time update of point of sales. Establish real-time online food delivery ordering systems.

Our Services

Bakmi GM outsourced their IT operation to us. We built a brand new and robust IT infrastructures. We monitor their daily IT operations


By using our integrated managed IT services,  Bakmi GM IT infrastructures is integrated so the team are able to focus on their business expansion plans. They successfully increase the company’s revenue and increase the opening of new outlets to 25% within one year since using our IT services.

We have been having Elitery as our IT Provider since 2014. We find them to be exceptional in their abilities to solve and resolve our IT concerns. Elitery has take our IT from a complicated and not so efficient system to one that functions easily and efficiently. They can always accommodate our smallest need quickly and courteously.

I highly recommend Elitery managed services solutions for your IT requirements.

With Elitery Managed Services, our national network is now managed smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, Elitery is able to support the integration by establishing real-time update of our point of sales, online food delivery ordering system, ensuring our process is successfully end-to-end.

We successfully increase the company’s revenue and increase the opening of new outlets to 25% within one year since using Elitery’s services.

Hendri Wijaya

IT Manager, PT Griya Miesejati (Bakmi GM)

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