Saving Some Operating Costs 24/7 Through IT Outsourcing

Businesses that are fully operational for 24 hours non-stop like many that occur in the United States and Europe, are always looking for ways to save some of their operational costs. One of the easiest ways is partnering with an outsourced service provider.

But this still presents a challenge other than a considerable savings opportunity. As information technology continues to grow into an operational backbone, companies are increasingly competing on operational cost savings. Mature companies will not be afraid to delegate some of their IT operations to others.

The Opportunities to Save Some Operational Costs

In the non-stop 24-hour operational concept, where employee overtime costs in countries such USA ane Europe are quite expensive, the Company may opt for IT outsourcing services in the Asian region like Indonesia. With a 12 hour time difference, when office hours finish in your area, then Asia is in office hours.

In addition to the time difference, the salary standard difference is also quite significant.

Based on our experience in managing some of the company’s IT operations in North America and in Europe, cost savings can be generated by 30% to 40%. It means, if your IT operational costs at night require about USD 10,000 per month, then there will be savings of USD 3000 to USD 4000 per month or about USD 36,000 to USD 48,000 per year.

Thus, savings are most likely made on the basis of differences in wage standards between developed and developing countries. For Companies located in UTC -8 and -8 time zones, it is highly have strong opportunities in saving some operational costs by partnering with an IT outsourcing service company in Jakarta, Indonesia (UTC +7). Just don’t miss it, but You have to select outsourcing company very carefuly.

The Challenges Of Selecting Outsourcing IT Company

Expertise will indeed be a point of concern in selecting outsourcing IT company in Indonesia. If you are wrong in choosing an outsourced IT service provider then it can end up in a nightmare. Conversely, if you do not outsource IT, it may be your competitor’s company that gets substantial savings and can do more business expansion.

Actually, you do not have to worry about this problem, just consider the experience of the outsourcing service company. If their experience is not too different from the required skills requirements, then you should not hesitate to delegate some of your IT operations.

You can choose a job that is not too risky to switch to an IT outsourcing service provider. For example for monitoring and reporting, such monitoring network health, sensors, and backups during after office hours.

Maybe you already have a belief that savings should be in this way. And this means you can delegate the passive type of work first. It means, work that is not directly involved in the business operational activities.

Furthermore, if communication has been established and you have seen the proof of work with good results, then you can extend to other services with IT outsourcing service provider. For example, for employee device security, version updates, patching, and so forth.

You Trust Some Elitery To Handel Your Critical Operations

You need not hesitate with us. You can entrust your critical operations within the scope of our managed services.

Elitery has experience in managing IT operations in several multi-national companies, both in the United States, Europe and Indonesia.

Elitery has certified professional team with mixed conbinations background expertise that you can rely on to manage your IT operations. In addition, Elitery has a Tier III Data Center to keep your business operations running smoothly for 24/7. We take the rest while you rest.

You can partnering with Elitery to earn significant savings.

While your IT staff needs to rest, you can trust our team to protect your critical IT environment.

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