Performing Digital Transformation From a Business View

Unbalanced investment and digital transformation priorities with current company condition can hinder the business in doing digital transformation. An approach from a business standpoint is needed to address that problem.

Especially in the financial sector, digital transformation is already a requirement whereby modern society increasingly needs digital financial services. Companies that do not perform digital transformation will certainly not compete in the market with companies that perform digital transformation. Basically, digital transformation is an element of Business, Development, and Operations.

To facilitate the effort in carrying out digital transformation, there are several approaches that can be considered. This approach is more familiar with Biz-Dev-Ops that can accelerate the process of digital financial services innovation.

Digital Transformation From a Business Viewpoint

From the business side, digital transformation can be seen more simply, to bring efficiency, productivity, and more sales. More and more businesses are slow to adopt changes to slump. This brings new insights and perspectives that business digitization must be done as soon as possible. In this case, corporate leaders who already have confidence in the imperatives and benefits of digital transformation, must be ready for commitment and investment.

The initial cost and investment issues for the IT infrastructure in doing digital transformation are still the biggest factor in delaying digital transformation. IT infrastructure investment is indispensable for technical support in the conduct of digital transformation. Transformation of IT infrastructure is the foundation for digital transformation.

Digital transformation is a continuous and endless series of activities. If the transformation of the IT infrastructure is not done, it will put a strain on the Dev and Ops section and ultimately hinder the business. After that, the business can spread the questionnaire and discuss what points need to be digitized. And then set priorities by adjusting the conditions of IT infrastructure.

Balancing digital transformation plans with IT infrastructure conditions is crucial, so that digital transformation plans can be more realistic.

Performing Digital Transformation Without Large Investment

From a business point of view, digital transformation as a means of saving the company’s operational costs. On the other hand, digital transformation requires an investment commitment and this involves a capital expenditure. Companies can balance business digitization priorities while choosing the IT infrastructure that does not burden your capital expenditure.

For example, for a banking and insurance service, where the IT infrastructure does not support solid security, this does not mean that digital transformation can not be done. Companies can prioritize services other than financial transactions to be digitized first.

It is more like providing web-based information services and mobile applications, such as:

  • Information and education of banking and insurance services
  • Registration form
  • Complaint and complaint forms
  • Interaction with customers
  • Events and promotions

“Service automation is a main key for business operational efficiency”

The above will reduce customer service and sales team workloads, and this will start bringing savings without requiring huge investment. But even so, the smooth application and data security must be maintained. Companies can use Backup as a Service to protect data and use Disaster Recovery as a Service service to keep the application running smoothly.

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Malware attacks on financial institutions can not be solved just using cloud infrastructure alone, but must be with other services that can ensure smoothness and security. Failure in making digital transformation is no less bad than not doing digital transformation. Therefore technical factors such as fluency and security remain a priority.

Elitery As Your Digital Transformation Partner

Elitery provides complete IT infrastructure services and managed services to support your business in digital transformation. The IT infrastructure we offer is not only on-premise, but also available in the cloud environment.

Elitery services in IT infrastructure and managed services have used the DevOps method, so it can be relied upon to perform digital transformation with less investment cost. So, now you do not have to postpone plans for business digitization.

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Elitery has been trusted by hundreds of financial institutions, both domestically and abroad, to support their critical IT infrastructure.

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