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One of the reasons that makes information technology growing is to make more efficiency. However, to keep up with technology, many companies are faced with high investment budget. In addition, the in-house professional skill gap is also a main problem in many companies. For that, IT outsourcing services exist to provide operational cost savings and optimize your business.

IT Outsourcing Services Benefits

IT outsourcing services or a managed services exist to help company maintaining IT infrastructure, specially needed by companies in performing a digital transformation.

In addition to addressing technological gaps in ever-growing technology, IT outsourcing services can provide several benefits to a company such as the following:

  1. IT Operational Costs More Controlled

    By using IT outsourcing services, fixed costs can be transformed into variable costs. This will bring optimization and save your business operating costs. Your company only needs to spend as little as possible.

  2. Employee Costs More Optimal

    Hiring and training IT staff will cost enormously. Meanwhile, in-house employees can not always meet your expectations. Outsourcing IT services provide the human resources that are always available for your business needs. Existing employees can do things that are more important than ever. This will support employee’s promotion management in your company.

  3. Providing Experts With More Cost Effective

    IT outsourcing services provide trained, experienced, and certified experts in several fields. Your company has access to experts with much more cost savings. In this way, your company can avoid skill gaps in ever-evolving technology. A managed service provider will always focus on training their employees on the latest technology developments that are appropriate for their IT outsourcing clients.

  4. Improving Efficiency and Competitiveness

    Organizations that attempt to do all in-house IT Services must pay off with much higher research, development and implementation time, all of which increase the cost to eventually be forwarded to customers.

    By using IT outsourcing services, your company can save operating costs and save more time than ever before. All employees in your company should be free from routines that do not contribute greatly to the business. This can be achieved by collaborating with experienced managed services with several companies.

  5. Keeping Focus on Your Core Business

    Businesses have limited resources, and every manager has limited time and attention. IT outsourcing can help your business stay focused on your core business and not be distracted by complex IT decisions.

  6. Reduce Risk

    Every business investment carries a number of risks. Markets, competition, government regulations, financial conditions, and technology all change very quickly. IT outsourcing providers can manage most of these risks for you, with industry-specific knowledge, particularly security and compliance issues. They are generally much better at determining how to avoid risks in their area of ​​expertise.

  7. Converts Capex to Opex

    Especially for companies that also need IT infrastructure, using IT outsourcing services that have their own data center infrastructure can convert capital expenditure into operational costs as needed. Obviously this is in addition to saving operational costs, can also save your company’s budget as a whole in the demands of the development of information technology into the backbone of your business.

  8. Availability of Support and Services for Operational Smoothness

    When information technology has become the backbone of your day-to-day business operations, you need a key staff that always keeps the IT operational smooth. Employees may not enter the office due to leave, sickness, and so on.

    All events that interfere with the smooth operation of IT need to be responded as soon as possible so as not to interfere with business smoothness. By using IT outsourcing services, your business gets maximum guard every time.


Competition in the digital age will revolve around business service innovation. A proven digital transformation can give businesses a competitive edge. Optimizing and saving operational costs are the key to the best approach, not just goals.

By using IT outsourcing services, your company can avoid too much investment in a new project to innovate. Digital transformation is a must, and IT outsourcing services can help

Elitery Managed Service At a Glance

Elitery provides IT outsourcing services ranging from information technology infrastructure with international standards to experienced and certified experts.

Elitery has been trusted by several companies in Indonesia and outside Indonesia to manage and support their IT infrastructure to keep it running smoothly, optimally and efficiently.

Elitery can reliably manage your cloud and on-premise infrastructure for your company efficiently with orchestration and automation in meeting the growing demands of information technology.

Elitery provides Managed IT Services and IT Consultant Services as a one stop solution for smooth operation and efficiency for your company.

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