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Retail banking digitization will have a broad enough meaning based on each existing business concept. Let’s find out more in this post.

In this era of digital transformation, more and more banking sectors are beginning to improve themselves. As with CIMB Niaga which strengthens the IT infrastructure as the basis for initiating their retail banking digitization, until the Bank Central Asia, which began to evoke the Fintech era through their ‘Finhacks‘.

This phenomenon indicates that retail banking digitization is today success key.

Banking is a center of economic transactions. The growth of information technology brings many changes and shifts. The success of business today is more influenced in how fast companies can adopt such changes. This is a serious challenge for banks to balance this condition. Banking digitization is not merely aimed at moving manual transactions into automatic. Retail banking digitization will have a broad enough meaning based on each existing business concept.

The benefits of retail banking digitization will revolve around efficiency. In 2016, McKinsey discovered that digitizing banks could lower operating costs up to 25% (possibly more). It can reduce time and process flow, and also can increase customer experience.

  • Improve customer service quality
  • Accelerate the transaction process
  • Reduce costs, both for banks and for their customers
  • Can use data for analysis in improving business
  • Can quickly increase the number of customers through a myriad of ease in the process
  • Digitization may reduce the factor of human error
  • Simplify account opening and maintaining customer’s accounts
  • Routine task may be more likely to be replaced with an automatic
  • Needs in large cash hold decreased
  • Can reach more remote areas
  • Reduce the use of counterfeit money
  • Productivity will increase

Especially in lowering operating costs, digitizing banking is a long-term investment. Banks can reach the broader market by lowering the investment budget for the opening of sub-branches and small cash offices. To be able to do this, in the early stages banks need to transform their IT infrastructure.

After reviewing the readiness of the IT infrastructure, digitalization planning and strategy need to be formulated. The synchronization in each department and the priority of digitalization area is a common challenge faced across the management.

  • Banking security is the most critical thing as cyber attacks on financial institutions increased. The readiness of IT infrastructure in the early stages can reduce the risk of cyber attacks on banking services with prevention and rapid and automated response capabilities.
  • To optimize efficiency, companies must integrate their omni-channel with “agnostic” concept. In this case, the BizDevOps method will be required.
  • Challenges in identifying opportunities by looking at the life cycle of the customer as a whole. In addition, banks will also need to see important changes to improve customer service and experience.
  • Addressing fluctuations in retail banking customer loyalty.
  • Competition innovation with other banking companies and also with Fintech or digital startup companies.

Of course, for senior management, those challenge may be an easy things. In its implementation, banks must ensure that the banking digitization strategy can support existing opportunities and challenges. Then, be prepare to review your IT infrastructure readiness.

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