20 Key Factors To Achieve Effective Digital Transformation

Digital transformation today is not a desire, but it has become a necessity for every business and organization. In achieving effective digital transformation, it is important to know the steps behind the success of a digital transformation.

20 Key Factors To Achieve Effective Digital Transformation

Digital transformation means further streamlining processes, simplifying services and accelerating innovation. The competitive advantage will continue to be based on how businesses achieve effective digital transformation. Whether for businesses already in the digital transformation process or in planning to digitize the business, here are 20 key factors in achieving effective digital transformation.

In the beginning, digital transformation begins with a mindset that adapts to the increasingly digital technological development. Here’s a very powerful mindset in determining the success of a digital transformation.

It’s important to make sure the parties involved have confidence in digital transformation. This will be useful for overcoming obstacles in achieving an effective digital transformation.

Setup Your Core Mission

Many companies fail to achieve effective digital transformations because they think that technology is the main thing to do. In fact, technology has a goal to help businesses overcome challenges. Therefore, in order to achieve an effective digital transformation, you must start from thinking about the value to deliver to market. After that, think about how technology can help your goals.

Get Full Commitment

Digital transformation also requires a change management. Effective digital transformation can only be achieved with full commitment to all components of the organization. Therefore, there will be parties who survive and step out from your company.

Provide Evidence

Discussing the idea of transformation may always sounds good, but many are stuck for longer in discussing the idea of transformation. Immediately show the proof of what can be done and benefit your business.

Be Transparent

In reality, digital transformation is a holistic cooperation in a company. If all parties have to be involved, this means all the information about digital transformation must be up to all department. Make sure the entire action plan has been informed and accepted by each party in your company.

Think Bigger than Web and Social

Digital technology is growing. Make sure you have looked at and considered all the existing digital technology platforms to achieve an effective digital transformation in your company.

Digital Transformation Partner

Like climbing a mountain. To achieve the ‘peak of success’ of course your trip will be more smoothly if accompanied by an experienced party. From retail business to banking and fintech, Elitery has experienced in accompanying them to achieve a successful digital transformation. Let’s find out what our clients tell about us.

Avoid Inhibiting Parties

Pessimism may arise, both in the planning stage and in digital transformation process. You can only trust those who have optimism, because in essence, the technology architecture can always formulate the IT infrastructure to overcome obstacles.

Educate All C-Level

The board of directors may be conservative. Make sure you have given a proper understanding of the needs and benefits of achieving digital transformation. If there is one C-Level that is still not sure, then this can hinder your digital transformation plan and process.

Improve Collaboration

Digital transformation requires high collaboration to speed up the process. This will break the barrier between the business, developer, and operational sections. Cross-departmental cooperation is urgently needed, this will change the way businesses communicate and collaborate technically by utilizing the latest technology.

Data Analysis

Digital transformation is a continuous and ever-expanding process. Data can be useful to determine the next step. Get someone who specializes in managing and translating your business data, from finance, marketing, to consumer satisfaction.

When performing a digital transformation process, make sure the most important IT infrastructure is available to support the smooth running of the process. To be able to smoothly perform digital transformation, companies must have a digital ecosystem that supports live testing.

IT infrastructure investment can drain big budgets if you are not doing it in selective way. By getting used to optimizing existing ones and starting to invest as needed, you can avoid a large investment budget.

Stay Focused

Stay focused on your digital transformation plans and strategies. Before stepping into the next phase, always try your best to overcome obstacles and problems.


Have a research and development team to determine the next service or feature that will be delivered to customers or for internal purposes. The more often innovation produced, the higher the efficiency, effectiveness and business competitive advantages.

 Get Feed Back

Feedback from customers in addition to maintaining business reputation can also serve as a basis for further innovation. Have an interactive means of communication feedback across digital channels.

Collaboration and Partnering

A digital ecosystem is formed when many parties perform digital transformations. Some businesses will still depend on each other. For that reason, the ability to collaborate with others is an important factor in achieving a successful digital transformation. You will need the ability to integrate through the API to other parties.

Selecting Process

To maintain high efficiency and effectiveness, stop all non-running processes and not lead to the ultimate mission of your digital transformation. However, if the process leads to the main mission, then make it a priority to be resolved.

Optimize Existing

Almost all digital transformation needs has existed in the market. Before investing in other advanced infrastructures, make sure you have optimized your existing device/tools and can be used to support operations in this era of digital transformation.

Take the Advantage of Cloud

Improve efficiency and scalability by using cloud. For operational resilience, use cloud backup and disaster recovery (DRaaS). Combine on-premise with cloud for optimal performance and efficiency. Use automation and orchestration to improve operational efficiency and agility.

Avoid Vendor’s Locked-In

Choose the best tools and device. Usually such devices are independent and can be connected to other devices. This is better known as an “agnostic”.

Monitor Performance

Have a dashboard that all parties can access to monitor the impact and performance of what they’ve done. With this approach, the digital transformation process can be more measurable and stay more focused on your business’s main mission.

Ensure Sustainability

Many businesses that have “go digital” experiencing downtime, either because of cyber attacks, or due to internal factors such as power failure and misconfiguration. Per 1 hour of downtime can cost millions dollar for large businesses. Therefore, make sure you follow best practices in system backup and data.

Elitery As Your Digital Transformation Partner

Elitery provides IT infrastructure, services, consulting and operations for all needs in digital transformation. Starting from planning, process management, to operational sustainability we can provide for your business needs.

Elitery has a Tier III data center that has been certified by Uptime Institute, ISO27001 for security, and PCI DSS for financial transaction security standards. Supported by experienced professionals, practicing DevOps best practices to provide efficiency and agility in your digital transformation process.

Partnering with Elitery means, you can save much costs and accelerate the process of digital transformation that can ultimately provide a competitive advantage for your business.

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