Hotel Digital Transformation Is Very Important to Do

The tourism industry is on the rise. Along with that, the hospitality industry will compete in speed and service. The way hotels compete more and more shifts along with the digital technology evolution. Modern companies will utilize an integrated online reservation system with agents. In this way, the hotel will be guaranteed faster in getting room tenants. Therefore, the digital transformation of the hospitality sector has become a necessity.

Hotel Digital Transformation Has Become a Need

Today, more and more people are choosing to do something through their fingers tips. The bustle of modern society and the development of digital technology encourage it has pushed it.

Hotel services can also be upgraded with digital technology. This will involve the Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as on door access, room service reservations, and so on. With an app for example, room tenants can turn on TV, air conditioning and so on when they are in the lobby or on the way back to the hotel. The application can also order transportation, check billing in real-time and so on.

Of course in that way the hotel can further enhance the experience of hotel guests. In addition to benefiting customers, the development of digital technology can improve hotel operational efficiency. With an application that allows “Self-Service” of course can cut the receptionist job. Then, the hotel staff can do other work that contributes more. Automatically, this can be said by improving employee performance.

Competition in today’s digital era requires companies to adopt digital technology. This will involve commitment, planning, strategy and investment. The four pillars are needed to perform digital transformation effectively so as not to ‘hiccup’ in the middle of the process.

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Therefore, practitioners have concluded from their experience that every company needs to transform IT infrastructure to be able to perform digital transformation effectively. Companies that more quickly transform digital effectively have proven to be market leaders. This applies to almost all sectors, even consulting services, where blockchain technology can be used for remote auditing.

Even if your hotel has the best spot, modern service remains an important thing. And no less important is the operational efficiency. Both of these can be accomplished simultaneously by applying digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Challenge In Hospitality Sector

There is a critical factor of cross-collaboration. Digital transformation is a holistic change for companies requiring hierarchical and silo terminations. Innovation, automation and integration are at the core of digital transformation. Here are some of the challenges should be anticipated by hospitality ventures in digital transformation:

  • Leadership commitment. This is the most important thing. Vision and confidence in making digital transformation should be owned before stepping.
  • Readiness of IT infrastructure. It is the earliest foundation of digital transformation. Barriers such as version incompatibility, downtime during testing, and so on can occur if the IT infrastructure is not supported.
  • Digital security of IoT applications and units. Companies can apply a layer of security and apply zero trust networking concepts such as separation of public, operational and IoT networks.
  • Lack of reliable staff to manage IT infrastructure and operations. In digital transformation, companies require ‘full-stack‘ employees who understand BizDevOps work patterns. In addition, expertise for automation and orchestration of IT infrastructure is essential. It brings efficiency and can prevent downtime.
  • Critical infrastructure backup. In the face of unforeseen situations, the DRC is a technically compliance requirement to keep the service running despite disruption.

Those five things can be a reference in planning and implementing the company’s digital strategy. Of course, every company has its own uniqueness, so from that base can be developed again by your management team and digital consultant.

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