E-Commerce Security Best Practices Tips

An e-Commerce site should continue to maintain their website security. e-Commerce security sites is very important for business continuity and to deliver better customer experience.

Every day, millions of transactions take place on e-commerce sites. The ease of online shopping makes e-commerce sites become a top choice in shopping. On the other hand, cyber attacks continue to lurk e-commerce sites. Starting from DDoS attacks to Phisihing and credit card data theft often occurs on e-commerce sites.

It is very important to keep e-Commerce security. Once it hit by an incident, customers and investor confidence can change direction instantaneously.

Answering these challenges, we feel the need to provide a few tips to improve e-commerce security.

E-Commerce Security Tips

Many references we can get in terms to improve e-commerce security. One of them through the instructions of PCI DSS in terms of payment transactions, but it will be too detailed and long.

Here are some core e-commerce security tips that deserve to be considered as your check list.

  1. Use SSL and Follow PCI DSS Security Standards

    Secure Socket Layers (SSL) is useful for website authentication and data protection. While following the security standards of PCI DSS is useful for the security of financial transaction system in your e-commerce site.

    SSL certificates are also useful for validating credit card payments used in a payment gateway. This can prevent fake payments through data validation.

  2. Complete Website With DDoS and Firewall Application

    By flooding data traffic on a website, a DDoS attack can make an online banking website inaccessible for 2 days. Obviously, e-commerce security should be able to prevent DDoS attacks.

    Today many third party applications such as CloudFlare, Sucuri, and so on are reliable for DDoS attack mitigation. Thus for Firewall, it can be useful to prevent attacks such as SQL Injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).

    Current cyber attacks, many of which combine DDoS with other attack techniques. The goal is to occupy the target and then infiltrate malware or other malicious code.

  3. Always update

    It is common, many security incidents occur because the system is not updated. Old code can provide a gateway for intruders. Always update the system to maintain the security of your e-commerce site.

  4. Have Layered Security

    As multi-factor authentication and stronger passwords, address verification systems (AVS), and security warning systems can better safeguard the security of e-commerce sites. If your e-commerce site integrates via API with other parties, have devices for verification and encryption on each gateway.

  5. Selected Data Selection

    Not all data should be stored in the back end of your system. This applies to sensitive data such as customer credit card data, although it is always encrypted. This is in line with existing requirements on PCI DSS certification for not storing sensitive data on a transaction site.

In addition to the above, always use network monitoring tools to detect suspicious behavior. Safety education on employees and website users on a regular basis also needs to be done.

Having data backup is also a top priority throughout the business today. Cyber ​​attacks and downtime are unpredictable, do not wait until they come to you.

How Elitery Can Support Indonesia E-Commerce Businesses

Elitery is a Tier III data center that has been certified by Uptime Institute, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS V.3.2.

In addition to providing server colocation and cloud backup facilities, Elitery also provides IT infrastructure management services and cloud management.

Elitery is supported by experienced and certified professional team. With a mixed backgrounds combination, our team can be more dependable to maintain your e-commerce site security and agility.

Elitery provides a complete and dedicated solution for your business. Feel free to contact us to discuss your further requirements.

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