Digital Banking Should Start Using Solid Backup Solutions

The loss of sensitive and confidential information, whether due to theft, errors or natural disasters, can be very detrimental to the business of digital banking services. Therefore, a digital banking service should start using the right backup solution.

Cloud is a hot topic that continues to be spoken this day. With the ability to integrate in the physical data center in banking, cloud hybrid solutions are becoming more popular. Digital banking services require layered security to avoid misuse of access rights. Thus, the right backup solution for digital banking services should in the cloud environment and has advanced security features.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a backup solutions for digital banking.

  • Data Center Locations

    In the event of downtime or DDoS attacks on the application, the speed at which service operations are transferred to the secondary site is a major factor. Similarly, when migrating data, either because there is an update or after a malware attack. Data center’s location will greatly has affect of the smoothness and success in the fail over and fail back process. Network latency can result in corrupt or lost data.

  • Automation and Orchestration Capabilities

    Some systems in the physical data center in each company may find different versions. Backup solutions that have aggregate orchestration capabilities make it easier to pre-set backups.
    Automation capabilities such as stopping backup when it detects malware-infected data are important. If the backup contains malware, then after the restore process your digital banking services can experience the same problems.

  • Security Features

    IT managers can see what security features are offered by Backup as a Service (BaaS) provider. Considerations based on ransomware cases that can change digital signature every few seconds, and also phishing. Security features that have behavioral pattern recognition is more reliable to use as your digital banking backup solutions.

  • Availability

    This is an important factor of a backup. For banking mission critical, backups provider that have ITER III Data Center infrastructure can be relied upon. The availability of continuous access can further guarantee the effectiveness of the backup.

  • Scalability

    Flexibility can make backup costs more efficient and effective. By having scalability, your business will only pay as per usage.

  • Technical Support

    The availability of technical support is paramount once provisioning is made. Consider using a backup service that provides full support for your business. And the location of providers will also be very influential, both on communication costs and communication effectiveness.

An Overview of Elitery Backup Solutions For Digital Banking Services

Elitery provides Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution, as well as providing cloud-based and on-premise cloud infrastructure backup solutions. This solution has been believed by dozens of financial institutions in Indonesia, both in the banking industry, fintech, insurance and capital markets.

To support the speed and effectiveness of fail-over and fail-back, Elitery uses Tier III data center infrastructure located in Indonesia.

The backup system uses layered security and behavioral recognition patterns, so it can be relied upon to deal with increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. Elitery’s BaaS is supported by experienced and internationally certified professionals.

Feel free to contact Elitery team to discuss your digital banking services need for backup solutions.


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