Appreciation for the Dedication of the entire IT Support Team Against Pandemic.

In the midst of the threatening state of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, many of the company’s operational activities are still ongoing. Many of us, some employees or business people who work remotely or work from home to avoid contracting the virus. However, many of you continue to do work directly in the field.

Elitery gives full appreciation to the entire IT support team who continue to jump in directly into the field in the midst of this pandemic in carrying out their work to control situations and conditions, as well as ensuring the system runs well so that the business activities of the Elitery Client can continue to run smoothly.

Here are most of the tasks of IT support friends from Elitery to fulfill the needs of clients that we should appreciate;

  1. Migrate Client’s Global Excel Management seamlessly to transition hundreds of staff from different business lines.
  2. Providing a Business Continuity Plan or work space for our foreign client within one week.
  3. Hosting our board meetings virtually without obstacles.
  4. Quickly expand bandwidth, VPN capacity and telephone lines to accommodate the needs of our clients.
  5. Handling surges of support and device requests by our clients swiftly and enthusiastically.
  6. Utilizing the latest innovative technology that is proven to ensure the continuity of our client’s business during the pandemic situation.

And much more work is done by our IT support friends.
Of course Elitery’s IT support team will continue to work safely and still pay attention to work safety with self-protection tools that are in accordance with the standard while working in this pandemic situation.

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Elitery and all related teams will continue to make improvements to provide better services to our clients. Immediately visit our website at to join us as well as further information.
Keep your health and continue to apply social distance to avoid the spread of the virus increasingly widespread!


Safeguarding, Accelerating

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