April 5, 2016

Storage Management

storage management services

Storage Management Services

Elitery Storage Management

Storage management services consists of various subcategories covering aspects such as security, virtualization and more, as well as different types of provisioning or automation.

For example, storage management tools may address network virtualization, mirroring, traffic analysis or storage provisioning. Many different storage solutions offer fault tolerance and data redundancy. For example, the redundant array of independent disks (RAID) strategy involves setting up multiple partitioned drive to hold data.

This may be done in many different ways, for example, by “striping,” where a system adds data to each of the RAID pieces incrementally, in a kind of round-robin approach. These types of system support crisis management, consistent data backup and sophisticated, and reliable data storage.

Proven Service Quality

Elitery has experience in providing storage management services. Hundred financial institution is using this service to meet the compliance standard with safeguarded and secured data storage in our data center facility. Yes, we can ensure you to provide a highly secure and compliant environment.

Our data management and storage services provide custom data storage solutions. This can be as your first choice for mitigation strategic planning with 24/7 excellent technical support.

This service conducting data storage management planning, managed backup, archiving, hardware monitoring, replication, and managed disaster recovery services. It can be combined with other managed services solution to meet your company needs in a big data era.

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