June 13, 2017

Private Cloud

Private Cloud Services

Your Trusted Single-Tenant Secure Cloud Partner

Elitery Private Cloud

We provide greater levels of controlling secure, agility, scalability and efficiency of a single-tenant, dedicated environment. It can be hosted on-site at your own data center, elitery data center, ¬†or at a service provider’s data center.

Elitery Private Cloud Can Help Your Business


Higher cloud environment performance with dedicated resources for your business.



The infrastructure and systems can be configured to provide high levels of security.


Very easy to customize the hardware and other resources.


Deliver greater potentially quicker business agility with self-service access to infrastructure.

Private Cloud Use Cases

When security, control and performance are your top priority, choose our private cloud.

  • Data sovereignty
  • Applications that require high performance
  • Data center consolidation and extension
  • IT-as-a-service
  • Test/dev environments and application development
  • Disaster recovery
  • Workloads and data with demanding security requirements
  • Mission-critical business applications
  • Addressing compliance regulations

Supported Platform

Our teams of certified experts in AWS, Azure and OpenStack can manage all of your public clouds around the clock, so you can focus on your business, while we focus on your growing cloud.

Why Choose Elitery Private Cloud

24/7 Support

Our specialists can proactively monitor and maintain your private cloud environment for 24x7x365.

Hybrid Cloud

You may connect dedicated environments in your data center or ours to public cloud of your choice.


Your private cloud environment maintain with our AWS Certified expertise.

Elitery private cloud infrastructure is a dedicated infrastructure provided to one single organization or client