April 3, 2016

Power Distribution

Power Distribution at Elitery Data Center, Indonesia

Elitery Data Center Power Supply Management

Our data center power infrastructure is designed with multiple redundancy to create layers of energy supply which guarantees continuous operation in our data center building.

data center power supply at Elitery, Indonesia

Electrical Supply

Electricity supplied by two different substations, from two different power plants.

Automatic Transfer Switch

We use the best ATS panel available to guarantee reliable, seamless power when outages occur. They automatically transfer power to the generator when utility power fails, providing the highest protection for continuous data center power.

Power Outage Protection

N+1 centralized redundant UPS system, Battery reserve 15 – 30 minutes depends on load.

100% Full Backup Generating

To meet the concurrently maintainable or Fault Tolerant Performance as Tier III to Tier IV data center requirement, we ensure the best power generation when blackout occurs by using 2 Perkins gensets, each could generates 1,5 Mega watts of electricity power with total 3 Mega watts.

The generating system placed on a special designed generator room with 216,000 liters diesel tanks placed in a separated location and we maintain it in a preheated state in a daily basis.

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