April 5, 2016

Network and Telecommunication

neutral network data center

Neutral Network Data Center

Elitery data center telecommunication system uses multiple back up to prevent communication failure. Two meet me rooms are provided with two separated Fiber Optic feeders, separated telco racks and separated riser.

Reliable Network

With access to all major Network Provider (Indosat, Telkom, Icon+, LinkNet and Lintas Arta), Elitery is proud to be a Telco-Friendly Facility. This means that interconnection between your Head Office and Branch Offices for your mission-critical application is no more than just a patch away.

On top of that, the fiber connection also features dual-path redundancy to minimize risk with two separate distribution channel. We can ensure you that we use the right and best network available to make your data highly accesible.

telco single line diagram