June 17, 2017

Network Management

network management services

elitery managed network services

Elitery Managed Network Services

We support your Local Area Network and Wide Area Network as our expertise in this business. You can establish a Network Operation Center more faster by outsourcing it with us.

If your network is critical to your business and not the core focus of your business, let’s take the stress out with our network management services.

The Challenge and Goals

As our commitment to provide the best performance managed IT solutions, our goal is only to see our customers can grow their business with us.

Our biggest challenge was the fact that some company infrastructure was build by another team. Sometimes the previous team, when they have concluded their contract with the company, they did not leave much documentation. The documentation is about how they setup their network and server environments. As a result, we have to create our own set of S.O.P by using the best practices and based on our own experience to deal with any issues that arises in the client’s day-to-day operations.

By using our service, IT infrastructure such as hardware and link is well managed and maintained. Support from L1 and L2 helpdesk can help the team to have an established IT team. You can achieve this benefit without hiring permanent resource (resource efficiency). It will give existing team more opportunity to focus on their core business.

If your network is critical to your business and not the core focus of your business, with our our proven expertise, we can take the stress out of technology. This service able to let you keep focus on your business by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on performance indicators. Feel free to contact us for further information and service presentation.

Network Managed Service Areas

Typically day-to-day activities for this services are:

  • Network Management Consultancy
  • Operating and managing entire network infrastructures
  • Network monitoring to minimize downtime such setting up a Network Operation Center team to monitor and work with telco providers in troubleshooting any issue with the network.
  • Analyzing and apply best method to optimize the network to a proper level including tech, infrastructure and policies
  • Increasing application performance including installation, configuration, tweaking and upgrades

Your Trusted Network Outsourcing Partner

Gain cost efficiency while improving the quality of your IT network