June 15, 2017


Bakmi GM needs to revamp their IT infrastructure. They need to connect their outlets to headquarters. Set the update point of sales in real-time. Establish online food delivery ordering system in real-time using integrated IT services. Bakmi GM’s IT infrastructure is integrated so that teams can focus on their business expansion plans by 25% within a year by using our IT services. Read More

Bank Indonesia Data Center Consultant
Bank Indonesia is planning to build new TIER III Data Center, We propose to Bank Indonesia to go with modular Data Center solution.  We managed to complete the work within targeted deadlines and provide Bank Indonesia with comprehensive documents about the data center facility. Read More
We managed, maintain and support a Windows-bases IT infrastructure environment for 500 plus users that includes Active Directory, Exchange 2010, Windows Licensing for Desktop/PC and Servers. Support from L1 and L2 help-desk help the team to have an established IT team without hiring permanent resource (resource efficiency) and so the team is able to focus on their core business. Read More
Engaged in exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources. By using our service, Petrogas Basin Ltd can focus on their business. Onsite IT Service Desk recruit, training and development on Elitery’s side and we manage IT infrastructure including system migration with our developer team that cost efficiency up to 70%. Read More
TIBCO provides a platform for relationship marketing and driving incremental transactions by integrating cloud services.

By using our services, TIBCO is able to improve customer experience by responding and fixing issues faster while giving on site engineers time to rest during the night. Read More

Unilever is global fortune 500 multinational consumer goods company. Their products include foods, beverages, cleaning agents, and personal care products. Indonesia is the 2nd largest market in the World after India. Unilever needs a team to monitor and troubleshoot network infrastructure connected to over 800 distributor warehouses spread all over Indonesia

By using our services, their network infrastructures with 4 ISP’s which connected to over 800 distributor’s warehouses is integrated and the team is able to focus on their core business to build up new distributors all over Indonesia. Read More

The State Auditor (BPK-RI) is the highest state body that responsible to check the management and accountability of state finances conducted by the Central Government, Local Government, other State Institutions, Bank Indonesia, State-Owned Enterprises, Public Service Board, Territory-Owned Enterprise, and institutions or other entities that manage state finances.

We help them reviewing their Data Center Design, collaborate with Uptime Institute to get BPK DC certified. Read More

PGN Solution is a subsidiary of Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) focused on providing professional solutions and technical advice on natural gas project. They need to build an affordable yet high performance Automatic Meter Reading to replace the existing AMR. PGN needs it to ensure data transparency and accuracy. Read More

We successfully managed members of IDX to perform cost efficiency on brokerage DR IT Infrastructure and to simplify brokerage DR process. More than 80 satisfied financial institutions in Indonesia using Elitery DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service).  Read More

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