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17Jan 2018
20 Important Factors In Doing Effective Digital Transformation
20 Key Factors To Achieve Effective Digital Transformation

Digital transformation today is not a desire, but it has become a necessity for every business and organization. In achieving effective digital transformation, it...

31Dec 2017
e-commerce security tips
E-Commerce Security Best Practices Tips

An e-Commerce site should continue to maintain their website security. e-Commerce security is very important for business continuity and customer experience.

06Nov 2017
retail business digital strategy
Digital Transformation Strategies For Retail Multi-Chain Business

A multi-chain retail business should have digital transformation strategy in order to keep daily business operational run smoothly. Here are 3 main factors in...

18Oct 2017
fintech applications agility
Fintech Applications Agility Can Improve Competitiveness

After continuous innovation, Fintech applications agility needs to be improved to be able to have more competitive advantage.

04Oct 2017
IT Outsourcing Saves Company Operational Costs
Outsourcing IT Saves Company Operational Costs

The growing information technology can be relied upon to save the company's operational costs. Outsourcing IT Services is here to provide advice, solutions and...

23Sep 2017
Performing Digital Transformation From a Business View
Performing Digital Transformation From a Business View

Unbalanced investment and digital transformation priorities with the company's condition may hinder the business in doing digital transformation.

07Sep 2017
Backup Solutions For Digital Banking
Digital Banking Should Start Using Solid Backup Solutions

A digital banking service should start using the right backup solutions to prevent the loss of sensitive and confidential information.

21Aug 2017
Hotel Digital Transformation Is Very Important to Do

In today's digital era, the hospitality sector is experiencing the same conditions as other businesses. The pace of innovation and integration is the key...